Robert Boesel (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)

Award-winning filmmaker, TV writer for Amazon, Nickelodeon, eOne; author of funny self-help book Adult Stuff

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Taste
Favorite Menu Item:  Huevos Rancheros

Nichole T. Roberts (Executive Producer)

Unscripted TV Development Producer, Critic’s Choice award for Syfy’s Face Off, two Primetime Emmy Award wins for CBS’ Undercover Boss

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Overland Cafe
Favorite Menu Item:  Eggs Benedict with bacon instead of Canadian bacon

Lindsay Saunders (Executive Producer)

Silicon Valley based, Engineering Program Manager at Mozilla, creator of VR blog

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Kitchen Story
Favorite Menu Item:  Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast

Jenn Duong (Director of VR)

Director of Virtual Reality at 1215creative, co-founder of SH//FT, named #22 in Onalytic’s 100 Top Individual VR Influencers 2016

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Anywhere
Favorite Menu Item:  Omelet with a salad

Jeff Kirchner (Sound Designer)

Founder of sound recording studio Tip Top Studios, currently working as sound engineer for Netflix

Favorite Brunch Spot:  More Than Waffles
Favorite Menu Item:  Ika’s Crepe

Cait Fitzpatrick (Marketing and Public Relations)

Ten years of communications industry experience, strong background in consumer research, new technologies and media

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Jacob’s Pickles
Favorite Brunch Menu Item:  Chicken & Pancakes

Roxy Radulescu (Graphic Designer)

Art director and musician (TUFT), created (featured in Jezebel, Laughing Squid, LOVE magazine & more); featured writer for Shutterstock, BCBGengirl, winner of LACP Platinum Design Award

Favorite Brunch Spot:  Little Dom’s
Favorite Menu Item:  Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes